Effective March 16th, 2020 

Little Rascals Daycare & Preschool (North Vancouver, BC) Will Be Closed
From March 16 

I have implemented these measures for the following reasons:


1) As Childcare Director responsible for 150+ children and their families, as well as 16 teachers on staff, I have an obligation to assess risk, and make appropriate decisions.


2) In a Childcare Setting, Social Distancing is not possible, we cannot comfort a child armed with gloves and masks. Instead we hug, dry tears and get coughed on. Our immune systems have gotten stronger, but we are impacted, and are carriers just like the children.


3) Little Rascals is the hub for families living on the North Shore with ties to families in Korea, China, Japan, Iran, Europe and the USA (especially Seattle). We are aware of visitors staying with some of our families at this time.


4) We have sent 6 children home over the past week with developing fevers.


5) Watching the events unfold all over the world, we know that this virus will impact most of us directly. In the interest for our Health Care System to catch up with the basic set up for the most Vulnerable in our society, we need to slow down transmission. I have personal connections in Germany, Japan and Italy, and the situation is becoming very difficult. In some situations doctors have to choose who gets the ventilator and who does NOT.


6) The BC Government bought themselves time using Spring Break as a time to observe and delay an announcement of school closures, unlike other provinces who are more proactive. Unfortunately they left the Child Care Sector hanging without support, expecting them to handle this crisis and the pressures that to go with it on their own. Hard decisions have to be made, many parents will not be able to go to work, and not everyone can work from home. We are in this storm and we need to face the financial reality facing all of us !


LRD staff will be laid off effective March 16, 2020, small loans will be given to staff with no partner.


LRD parents will receive an 80% refund of fees for closed days. If closure continues past April 3, there will be no fees payable. I will be bold and proactive at Little Rascals, and hope others can muster the courage to stand with me ! It is time for ALL of us to dig a little deeper and let our Humanity

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