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French,Music & Yoga instructors


Education in music is most sovereign bec

Our French teacher, Madame Joanne Prest, developed a fun program, designed to initiate young children to the French language in a playful and interactive manner.This is a great opportunity for parents and children to become exposed to a new language and for parents to observe how their child reacts to French. This is the perfect window into what a French Immersion program involves.


Education in music is most sovereign bec

For years Kerry Burke has been bringing joy and entertainment through the power of music to Little Rascals. 


Education in music is most sovereign bec

Kylie has been an amazing addition to Little Rascals. She brings knowledgeable approach to yoga with children, peace and mindfulness to the centre with each visit. 

The children really enjoy her interaction with the children 

A picture of Sigrid Lightfoot and Little Rascals' yoga instructor, Kylie

Instructor Kylie and Director Sigrid at one of our community connection for Live Your  Best Life, Click below to learn about Sigrid's passion project : 

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