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The Learning Lab

Preschool 3's

A black and red calendar with a small clock

Monday to Thursday

A small black clock, the time reads 3 O'clock

 9:15 -1:15

A small Fox is wearing a scarf,looking up

Our 3 year-old preschool program is designed as an introduction to a school setting. Our mission is to nurture the children's curiosity while building up their self-confidence outside of the home.

In this program, the children get to explore the classroom in a combination of structured activities 
and free exploration.

During independent activities, children in very small groups or on their own freely engage, with minimum direction from teachers, in various activities such as art, books, puzzles, dramatic play, design, free play, etc. In this unstructured situation, children are free to explore their own creativity and imagination, discover their own learning styles, and strengthen

critical thinking skills.

A small, brown owl with an orang wing is weaing a pastel pink beanie shaped like a bunny rabbit
A Vector art of 3 pastel crayons. One blue, one pink, one black
Preschool age activities are laid out on a round table
A small child is playing with big blocks. He is wearing a black puffy jacket, the blocks are yellow, green, blue and purple
Here we see a beautifully decorated play area. It is fall themed. There is a big poster on the wall with pumpkins, plaid and hay, big maple leaves on the carpet and a small tent that looks a little like a teepee. There is a round table with coffee cup takeouts on it.
A woman, Sigrid Lightfoot, is dressed like a pirate and is handing out candies for Halloween in front of her office. She is handing out candy to a child, we can see the child from the back, dressed like a firefighter with a firefighter hat and jacket.
Here a small child is drinking from a small teacup, perhaps for the annual Little Rascals Mother's Day tea?
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