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Thank you for considering LITTLE RASCALS for the crucial role of providing Childcare and Early Childhood Education for your child.


2021 marks our 40th anniversary of providing enriched quality care for families – 40 years of bringing peace of mind to Moms and Dads and smiles to the faces of children, from young toddlers to school aged children alike. 


In today’s Canada, Daycare has become a necessity for most families. At LITTLE RASCALS, our approach is to provide a reassuring alternative to standard Daycare that parents can feel good about when they are unable to be with their children. We do this by taking the concept of “baby-sitting” out of Daycare and creating an enriched playful environment that is nurturing, educational, socially developmental.



A cartoon racoon is wearing polka dots overalls

The Learning Lab

An Enhanced 3-5 Program
A vector art of a calendar with a small clock

Monday to Friday


A picture of a clock. The time is at exactly3 O'Clock. Is it recess? Or Snack time perhaps?


A small child is kneeling down holding a block
A pastel coloured vector art of our beautiful planet Eart

Monthly Fees


Our program ensures a balance between free play and structure, as to allow the children the room to grow, explore and learn in a nurturing environment.

  • Play based program

  • Structured day 

  • Enriched environment

  • Classroom exploration

  • Group setting

  • Plenty of outdoor time

5 Core principles

  • Environmental Sustainability -Guardians of the planet

  • A Deep Connection to the Natural World – outdoor exploration and discovery

  • Mindfulness and gratitude

  • Little Passports – Discovering the wonders of the wold

  • Nourishing Mind and Bodies
    Two snacks are provided, on a 10 AM, and another larger one at noon, providing the bridge for longer hours and giving an opportunity for the children to participate in the food preparation as well as becoming exposed to foods of the countries they are learning about.

A persn is wearing a pink shirt, blue leggings and they are sitting cross-legged on a black an yellow yoga mat
A small tambourine, in pastel coral, blue and black colors is depicted here
Here we see a small cartoon vector art dog. The dog is black, with a blue ear and a blue spot around the right eye

Extra Curricular Activities

We believe in giving the children the best, French for the Future, Music for the Soul and Yoga for the Body and Mind!

Tuesday : French

Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Yoga

A black and white photo of a child in a tutu, looking down. With a quote from Plato in the middle, speaking of the importance of an education in music
A zoomed in picture of a child, sitting cross-legged with their hands in a meditative pose. We only see the child's hands and legs. They are sitting on a rock on a yoga mat. There is words inside a square on the picture. It reads, Sky Above, Eath Below, Peace Within
Here we see a picture of a worldmap. The map is wooden and the continents are darker with what looks like black engraving. There is a quote that reads "To have a second language is to possess is a second soul" by Charlemagne
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