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The Learning Lab

Part-Time Preschool, enhanced program


Monday to Thursday 

 9:15 to 1:15

Monthly Fees


Our goal is to nurture the children's sense of self, cognitive development, and social skills. For this, all programs are play-based with academic components, creating a well-rounded approach in a supportive environment in which the children can thrive. Throughout the day each child will be involved in directed group activities and directed individualized, one on one activities. During independent activities children, in very small groups or on their own freely engage, with minimum direction from teachers, in various activities such as art, books, puzzles, dramatic play, design, free play, etc. In these unstructured situations, children are free to explore their own creativity and imagination, discover their own learning styles, and strengthen critical thinking skills.

5 Core principles

  • Environmental Sustainability -Guardians of the planet

  • A Deep Connection to the Natural World – outdoor exploration and discovery

  • Mindfulness and gratitude

  • Little Passports – Discovering the wonders of the wold

  • Nourishing Mind and Bodies
    Two snacks are provided, on a 10 AM, and another larger one at noon, providing the bridge for longer hours and giving an opportunity for the children to participate in the food preparation as well as becoming exposed to foods of the countries they are learning about.

Extra Curricular Activities

We believe in giving the children the best, French for the Future, Music for the soul and Yoga for the body and mind!

Tuesday : French

Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Yoga

Education in music is most sovereign bec
Education in music is most sovereign bec
Education in music is most sovereign bec
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